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An interactive game factor from ROIGK

Roigk’s Sales Director Rémy Perron states: „Splash pads are getting more and more popular, as they are a key factor to the popularity of pools and water parks.“ They attract children and their parents and bring life, games and laughs into the leisure area.

The game factor together with its interactivity is the first criteria; children will create new games together with their friends again and again. Then, an appealing design fitting with the age category is very important. The more children identify themselves with the single toys, the more they will like the place. Last but not least when children discover the medium of ‘water’ with all senses and remember the new gained experience, an attraction is well conceived.” Remy continues: “I remember my son coming home after his first time at the spray park calling ‘Papa, I want you to buy the water dragon for our garden’.”

Roigk, who, for many years, have offered well designed toys predominantly to swimming pools operators, continuously develop and launch new water toys along three core principles. An attractive design which creates the difference, products availability at best costs of ownership and highest fun, game and learning factors for the children.

Roigk is pleased to announce through SPN a ‘new preview’ of a totally new range of interactive water attractions for the beach area of swimming pools for water depth between 0.40 m and 1.30 m. Swimming pools can now receive a real alternative to the traditional mushrooms aging in their middle, losing each year a little more of their colour. This is ‘fresh oxygen’ in the water of European swimming pools and this reality has given the name of that range as ‘OXY’ which will be launched at the Aquanale and FSB Exhibition which runs from 27 - 30 October 2015.

Ausschnitt aus dem Artikel "The Wet And Wonderful World Of Water Play" aus SPN Ausgabe August 2015