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Oxy Series
The origin of this new design series is the shape of an ascending air bubble.
Palm tree
A tropical water jet
Water teeter-totter
For teetering and splashing water!
Water dragon
A friendly dragon; with spray mist, water curtain and a water cannon.
Mobile swimming pool lift R37
Can be used by the user independently.
FINA Starting Platform R1680WVK
With adjustable raised foot rest, on a stainless steel column.
3 m / 5 m / 7,5 m / 10 m diving tower combination R280-2005f
Composed of a 3 m diving tower, a 5 m diving tower, a 7,5 m diving tower and a 10 m diving tower. 
Water play and adventure areas
We create more out of water - and try new ways!


Nachhaltig Geld und Wasser sparen mit unserer Standdusche R43

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A refreshment for our Rainbow

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Projekt Neugestaltung des Kinderbeckens im Hallenbad Korbach

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2. ROIGK Kart Cup 2016

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Der neue ROIGK-Katalog ist da!

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